Saving Dr. Jay 

by Betty Jo Tucker

It’s always a treat for me when Ravi Godse completes and releases a new movie. So my expectations for Remember Amnesia, his fourth film, were high. I enjoyed all three of his previous offerings: Dr. Ravi and Mr. Hyde; I Am Schizophrenic and So Am I; and Help Me Help You. His unique sense of humor shines through in each of these motion pictures. And he plays an endearing main character with lots of faults in all three films.

Although not acting in Remember Amnesia, Godse appears as the end credits roll. He delivers an important yet amusing public service message. Be sure to stay for that!

In this new endeavor, writer/director Godse gives us another wonderful movie to enjoy. But it’s a bit more complicated than we expected.  As a physician in real life, Godse knows about the world of medicine, including its problems. Early in the movie, his main character comes unglued about doctors not washing their hands between patients.

And that sets the tone for Dr. Jay (Dileep Rao/Touch), who seems to be having a very bad day. No wonder his supervisor (Tovah Feldshuh/Lady in the Water) plus most of his Pittsburgh colleagues are worried about him.     

What should be done about this disruptive behavior?

He’s arrogant and grumpy too.

This doctor needs a different view.

To India he’s sent by boss,

hoping he will deal with loss.

He arrives with no memory.

And here’s the start of mystery.

Did he kill his wife? He can’t recall.

But images cast a dark pall.

The film moves on with real pizzazz

and uses humor just like jazz.

Depth added by India scenes.

REMEMBER AMNESIA. Great on screens!

During Dr. Jay’s time in India, he meets some fascinating characters. The most important one happens to be a lovely doctor (Shruti Marathe/Indira Vizha) who helps him during his amnesia period. The sweet romance that develops between these two, though predictable, went straight to my heart. However, that’s understandable because I’m an incurable romantic.

Two funny supporting actors (Vijay Patkar and Aanand Kale) make us laugh in all of their scenes. They portray bungling thieves who steal Dr. Jay’s wallet and try to capitalize on his identity problem. I think they must be the Abbott and Costello of India!          

And, of course, exquisite suspense about Dr. Jay’s involvement in the death of his wife holds our interest throughout. Romance, suspense, comedy, witty dialogue – what more could we want? For me, the only thing would be Ravi Godse playing one of the characters.      

(A Godse-Thacker Productions release. Rated “PG-13” by MPAA. Opens in select theaters on June 14, 2019.)

For more information about Remember Amnesia, go to the IMDb or Rotten Tomatoes website.

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