“Genius is eternal patience.

― Michelangelo

Director, Actor, Writer

I remembered  a film where the hero loses his memory.  Being a doctor, I know, it happens, very rarely, if at all and losing the memory and a cataclysmic event bringing it back, I thought was pretty un-sexy.  

So I thought, what if our hero has a dark and troubled past.  During his loss of memory, that past seeps up to the surface of his psyche and begins to affect our hero. A sinister personality, and alter ego,  just lurking beneath the surface and ready to deliver mayhem to the world. But with no malice. This brought for me a new face to the story, something edgy, brooding, dark and undefined.  This narrative path led me to these new discoveries and revelations. Bad guys in the movies have always been  just too bad for my liking. There have been some funny bad guys, but at the core they are simply just bad guys. I looked to my stories to create bad guys that the audience actually likes and roots for. So I took this creative journey and created cute and lovable villains.


So I have a hero that is rather acute, villain that is cute. I hope you like what I have created. And if you take a while to like it, remember what Michaelangelo said.


Ravi Godse - Filmmaker

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