A US-based Physician from India loses his memory during an accident while visiting India and as his memory comes back, he can't remember whether he has killed his wife.

Releasing in India on November 22nd

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Widower Jay Singh, a difficult but brilliant US-based physician, has a terrible accident that robs him of his memory while on a trip to his homeland of India.  As he tries to piece his memory back together, he finds himself falling for the lovely Nina, the local doctor in charge of his care, who tries to help him figure out his true identity.   But there are questions about how Jay was injured, and if his memory loss is real.


Everything begins to unravel when his US colleagues hear Jay's wife's family thought his wife was still alive and living with him in America.   Now the Indian police think Jay is a murderer - and it leaves Jay's US colleagues, Nina, and Jay himself asking the question:  Did Jay kill his wife?

 â€œNot knowing who you are is a certain kind of hell.” 

― Kelly Thompson

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